UK “needs eight times EV chargers” by 2035

The UK needs eight times more public electric vehicle chargers to meet demand by 2035, according to a recent study conducted by net zero consultancy Field Dynamics.

An analysis of 140 million MOT records and EV efficiency revealed the need and energy demand.

It also uncovered that if all cars and vans in the UK were instantaneously converted to electric power, we would need 71 terawatt-hours (TWh) each year to run the fleet, around 22% of the country’s entire electricity usage.

Other key findings included 22TWh being required on the public charging network for on-street households EV demand

Craig Stephenson, Director of Field Dynamics, said: “Historically, answering the question of how many chargers we need has been an exercise in speculation based on opinions.

“Now, after analysing 140 million MOT records and factoring in EV vehicle efficiency, GigaMap can provide actual kilowatt-hour (kWh) power demand figures for both public and private charging down to LSOA level based on real-world data. This completely transforms how our partners look at charging infrastructure requirements.”

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