Monta users reduce CO2 charging emissions

Danish-based EV charge point platform provider, Monta, has released data showing its users have reduced their CO2 charging emissions by more than 177 tonnes.

The news shows the ability of EVs to reduce the overall level of carbon emissions, and is the equivalent to driving 1,236,604 km or driving around the Earth’s circumference 30 times in a petrol/ diesel vehicle!

This reduction of CO2 emissions over the past 12-months alone has been achieved through a SmartCharge feature of their EV charging platform. SmartCharge checks the users local forecasted electricity prices, tariffs, and energy emissions data and comes up with the ideal charge schedule automatically.

It can schedule charges to start when energy sources are cheapest, have low CO2 emissions, or are most renewable. Users set the desired time for their car to be charged and ready, and the SmartCharge algorithm will then work out what to do.

Monta’s user data has also shown that 14,000 drivers have saved a total of €310,000 over 590,000 charges. This equates to a saving of approximately €22 per driver per charge in the year 2023.

Alok Dubey, Regional Director, Strategic Sales – West at Monta said: “There is lots of negative information surrounding EV ownership – charge rage, range anxiety, and increased running costs through rising energy bills.

“The reality however, is that running an EV has a lower CO2 impact and is cheaper than running a petrol or diesel vehicle.

“The B Corp certification means a lot to us. It reflects our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy while ensuring the transformation benefits everyone. This is only the beginning. Not only are we making it easier and cheaper for people who drive an EV, we’re also reducing the impact on the environment by reducing charging emissions. We believe that accelerating and democratising the adoption of EV technology is key to building a better future for everyone.” 

Image of Alok Dubey courtesy of Monta

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