Reading Council trialling kerbside charging channel

UK start-up Kerbo Charge has announced the rollout of a new trial in Reading that is revolutionising how residents without a driveway can charge their electric vehicles right from their homes.

This innovative trial uses a through-pavement channel developed by Kerbo Charge, where residents insert their charging cable into a channel in the pavement that has a self-closing lid. This allows residents to safely charge an electric vehicle on the road as it removes the risk of trips and falls from trailing charging cables from a property across the footway.

Lowering the barriers to owning and charging an electric vehicle in Reading helps the council reduce pollution in two ways. The first is a reduction in carbon emissions – the borough has already decreased emissions by more than 50% since 2005, making it one of the most significant reductions in the UK. By making the switch to electric, residents also help reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions in Reading which can exacerbate asthma – a health issue which more than 160,000 people are diagnosed with in the UK each year.

The slim and shallow channel contours with the pavement during installation so it sits perfectly flush with the pavement surface. Installation takes around one hour with minimal impact on the existing footway. It is made of PVC which has a significantly lower carbon footprint than aluminium and will not be targeted by metal thieves.

Reading resident Tim Liddle (pictured) said: “It’s a great product that feels like it will last for years. I can now run my EV charging cable across the pavement safely.”

Kerbo Charge Co-founder Michael Goulden said: “We want more people to own an electric vehicle. However, it becomes difficult to make the switch if charging points are expensive to use and are miles from your home. Working with the Reading council to trial our innovative product allows customers to easily charge their cars at home and help reduce carbon emissions in the city.”

Cllr John Ennis, Reading’s Lead Councillor for Climate Strategy and Transport, said: “Greater electric vehicle adoption means a reduction in pollution to our borough. We are delighted to trial Kerbo Charge with our residents as one of the options to support our ongoing commitment to fostering a greener and more sustainable Reading.” 

The Reading partnership is part of a series of planned local authority rollouts for customers with on-street parking.

Image courtesy of Kerbo Charge.

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