GRIDSERVE reveal best times to charge on Electric Highway at Christmas

GRIDSERVE have revealed the best times to travel and charge on its Electric Highway at Christmas – with 23rd December expected to be the busiest day on UK roads.

Based on data from last year, the busiest travel day in the lead up to the festive period will be December 23rd, with Christmas Eve actually a less popular time to travel. Following Christmas, December 27th and December 28th will be much busier on the roads than Boxing Day or 29th December.

GRIDSERVE have predicted where the busiest charging hubs are likely to be across the network, the times when they’ll be most in-demand and some alternative times when they’ll be quieter. On average, across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, the busiest time to charge this Christmas will be at 1pm. By comparison, 10am and 5pm will be much quieter – around 20-25% less busy than peak hours. And, if the journey allows, charging before 8am or after 6pm is well worth it, as demand drops dramatically at these times. Drivers should use the online map to check live availability and to find their nearest charger.

Ahead of the busiest festive period, GRIDSERVE have opened a host of new locations in key areas of the network. Alongside Moto, GRIDSERVE have added 48 High Power chargers at five Electric Super Hubs. Six new High Power chargers have been installed at the most northerly Electric Super Hub at Moto Kinross in Scotland, while at Moto Cardiff West, 12 High Power chargers have been installed to serve those travelling near the Welsh capital. On the M6 at Moto Hilton Park North, 12 new High Power chargers are now open.

In addition, at two of the busiest Moto sites, GRIDSERVE have expanded the Super Hubs with 12 new chargers added at Moto Exeter to take it to 24 in total, while six have been installed at Pease Pottage taking the site to 12 chargers.

GRIDSERVE will be keeping an eye out across the entire network, too, with the analytics team monitoring the health of chargers remotely to catch any issues as early as possible. The national EV-powered field service engineers will also be on call for on-site repairs, if and when needed, and the new customer support team will be available 24/7 to support customers over the phone. Additionally, customers can contact GRIDSERVE through live chat, email and socials with any additional queries.

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