Renovare Fuels launch £9m biofuels processing site

Renovare Fuels has revealed that the company will open a landmark £9 million advanced renewables biofuels processing plant in Northern Ireland [Craigmore, Co. Londonderry] next year.

According to the company, the green fuel alternative can see greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 97 per cent, helping hard-to-reach sectors such as aviation and road haulage on their journey to net zero.

The company will make sustainable fuels using patented technology developed in collaboration with NASA. The site will see close to two million litres of advanced renewable biofuels produced each year, made from the biogas produced by landfill waste.  

The Craigmore, County Derry plant is a first for the UK and Europe, with dozens of local jobs set to be created during construction, as well as several long-term skilled engineering positions. 

The firm’s latest £9 million investment is being developed alongside leading Northern Ireland renewable energy operator, B9 Energy Control Limited, and leading UK biogas experts Powerhouse Management Ltd. 

Renovare Fuels’ advanced renewable biofuels are a direct ‘drop in’ replacement for diesel and petrol aviation fuel, with no requirement for engine modifications.  

Biofuels can support industries facing the largest barriers to net zero, including the road haulage, maritime and aviation sectors. 

Developed in the United States, in collaboration with sister company T2C Energy; NASA; and the US Department of Energy, the greener fuel alternative can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97 per cent.

The fuel is set to qualify for extra support under the Department for Transport’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.  

Renovare Fuels will supply UK-based fuel distributors and multinational petrochemical and airline companies. 

Last year, one-quarter of all emissions across the UK originated from the transport sector.

UK Government estimates suggest 32 million tonnes of biodegradable waste are generated annually – enough to produce more than two billion litres of biofuels per year and significantly cut emissions. 

Matthew Stone, Chairman at Renovare Fuels, said:  

“Renovare Fuels are delighted to be commencing operations in Northern Ireland. This crucial investment will ensure we play a leading role in creating a sustainable future for the transport sector.

“As we work to meet our global climate goals, we have an exciting opportunity to scale up the UK’s production of renewable fuels, producing more than 1.8 million litres per year in Northern Ireland to support the industries that face the largest barriers to the net zero transition.” 

Ian Harvey, Founder at B9 Energy Control Limited, said:  

“We’re proud to be supporting Renovare Fuels’ landmark investment today, which paves the way for Northern Ireland to play an important role in supporting businesses transition to net-zero. 

“The new operations in County Derry present an opportune moment to kickstart a sustainable fuels drive across the UK. We look forward to continuing to support this development in the new year.” 

Image courtesy of Renovare Fuels.

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