Driving home for Christmas….in an EV

Many people around the country will be planning their journey and getting ready to drive home for Christmas. Whether that’s travelling all the way across the country or just popping an hour away, every journey requires a bit of pre-planning. Adrian Keen, CEO of InstaVolt provides practical tips and advice on planning the drive home for Christmas in an electric vehicle (EV).

As Christmas approaches, people up and down the country will be planning to travel, whether that’s visiting family members and friends or embarking on a festive getaway. As is the case ahead of any road trip or longer drive with any type of vehicle, EV drivers will need to put some time into planning their journey; where to stop off and recharge – both themselves and the car – and think about factors that might impact arrival time or car functionality along the way.

The first step is simple, but often overlooked. Simply, make a plan. When planning your route, monitor for charging stations along the way and plot these into your journey. Knowing when you’ll stop off and recharge allows for peace of mind and creates an opportunity to stop, grab a coffee and stretch your legs, meaning that not only your car recharges, but so do you.

To ease concerns about charge or range anxiety using apps such as ZapMap, or InstaVolt’s own app gives EV drivers a simple way to plan routes and easily finding chargers along the way. Drivers can check for charge points and their availability, as well as options near the route for alternative backups in case of a last-minute diversion. These apps are updated in real time, so they are a very handy pocket tool. While slow charge points with lower output are better when longer periods of time are available for charging, much of the UK’s charging network has both rapid and ultra rapid charge points which means that stops can be efficient, taking approximately thirty minutes. Knowing the difference between these types of charge points will enable you to stick with your schedule.

As with all vehicles, it’s also important to adequately check the car before setting off. With lower temperatures in the winter, tyre pressure can fall. When tyres are under-inflated, they can create more road friction, impacting the vehicle’s efficiency and therefore impacting the range of the vehicle. To avoid this, it’s important to check tyre pressure and general tyre health regularly, but especially before you set off on a lengthy journey. 

It’s important to take the appropriate steps before heading off on your Christmas break. Spending a small amount of time planning will make the trip seamless, keeping festive spirits high.

Image courtesy of InstaVolt.

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