EVs available to rent for €100 per month in France

People in France will be able to lease electric cars for just €100 per month, under a new scheme launched by President Emmanuel Macron.

The first vehicles will be delivered in January 2024, with President Macron stating on X (formerly Twitter) that the scheme formed part of his plans to create ‘écologie à la française (French-style eco-friendliness)’.

He said: “The aim is to help you buy electric vehicles that are produced in our country instead. As you know, we want to continue to reduce our CO2 emissions. And one of the things we’re going to do is replace our [combustion] vehicles with electric vehicles.

“We’re going to produce more and more electric vehicles [and] electric batteries in France over the coming months and years. I made a commitment during the presidential campaign, in 2022. I wanted to announce to you that from January 1, the €100-a-month leasing system will be introduced.

“You could be among the first French people to have access to this leasing for electric vehicles.’’

According to The Connexionthe ‘social leasing’ scheme is intended for the least well-off 50% of households, with a taxable income per household unit (one per adult, half per child) of less than €15,400 – allowing drivers to lease an electric vehicle with low monthly payments. 

Motoring broadcaster and Founder of FairCharge Quentin Willson would like to see a similar scheme introduced in the UK. 

He told Transport + Energy: ‘’Social leasing schemes like this are important to give less affluent drivers access to EVs. I’ve been talking about a similar UK pilot scheme to several leasing and rental companies and politicians and there’s definitely an appetite out there for making EVs more affordable to more drivers. – particularly used models.’’ 

Drivers who want to take advantage of the scheme will also need to drive more than 8,000km per year, or live more than 15km away from their workplace, to which they need to drive using their own car.

Between 4 million to 5 million people are expected to be eligible.

Vehicles available to lease include:

  • Five Renault models, including the electric versions of the classic Twingo, Megane, and Scenic
  • 24 models from the Stellantis group, including the Peugeot 208, and the Citroën e-C4
  • The Tesla Model Y 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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