Range anxiety drops for EV owners

New research from ev.energy has discovered the majority of electric vehicle (EV) drivers (58%) are confident in planning long-distance trips.

The survey also revealed more than three-quarters of respondents (77%) have never, rarely or occasionally experienced concerns about their vehicle’s range.

More than a quarter of EV drivers are now opting solely for home charging (27%).

Respondents cited themes such as the increased availability of home chargers, EVs now having better batteries for further range, and technologies that help drivers save money, such as smart home charging capabilities that automatically opt for not only the cheapest but the greenest charge.

Public chargers are used by many EV drivers, with 73% saying they have used a rapid public charger, and 67% having done so in the past 12 months.

Public charger use rises to 92% for rural-based EV owners, but 94% have access to a home charger. In suburban and urban areas, 94% will charge away from home when needed, despite 92% and 88% having access to an at-home charger.

But more than half of EV drivers still don’t feel there are enough public EV chargers in convenient locations across the UK (52%) with only 6% said there are plenty of nearby locations.

The cost of public charging, availability, reliability, and location, as well as infrastructure complexity were all flagged as significant hurdles to using public charging facilities.

William Goldsmith, Head of Grid and Data Services at ev.energy, said: “This data shows us EV drivers are confident in their at-home charging options. However, its vital to invest more in supporting the public charging infrastructure, and allowing for more affordable public charging. This will ensure drivers feel confident in making the switch from petrol to electric and allow those that don’t have access to a driveway to reap the cost and sustainability benefits of an EV.”

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