Lunaz UEV saves 344 tonnes of carbon emissions

A Lunaz upcycled electric vehicle refuse collection truck has saved 344 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions (tCO2e) compared to a new diesel equivalent, according to an independent study.

The Lifecycle Carbon Analysis (LCA) conducted by sustainability consultants, Tunley Environmental, also found that a Lunaz UEV saves 43 tCO2e when compared to a new all-electric model.

The study identified and quantified all sources of carbon emissions of a refuse truck, including the production, installation, use and end-of-life treatment of a Mercedes-Benz Econic refuse truck upcycled and electrified by Lunaz.

For operators and consumers, the most relatable statistic is likely to be operational carbon emissions, Lunaz said. The report calculated that total carbon dioxide emissions from a new diesel equivalent was 3.6 times – or 1,410 tCO2e – greater than a Lunaz UEV over three lifecycles.

The report also found that an all-new electric refuse truck was 27%, or almost 145 tCO2e worse on CO2 emissions, compared to a Lunaz UEV, validating the upcycling model of the firm.

The report also considers the effect on switching to biofuels, such as hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), which has production and usage emissions around 80% below those of commercial diesel fuel. Despite more renewable fuel, over three seven-year life cycles, the Lunaz UEV would still have fewer emissions than a diesel truck running on HVO.

The news comes as the firm has fleet electrification agreements signed with UK Local Government Authorities and Biffa, the UK’s largest sustainable waste management company, and now employs 250 engineers and technicans at its upcycling and electrification campus on the Silverstone Technology Park.

David Lorenz, founder of Lunaz, said: “At a time when investment in sustainable technologies and solutions, especially around transport, is front and centre in the news and legislation, this report is a huge vote of confidence not just in our upcycling process, but in electric propulsion generally.

“This rigorous independent study shows Lunaz’ upcycled electric vehicles’ carbon emissions over their potential lifetime are substantially lower than their new diesel and electric equivalents. The extent of these savings is clearly impactful, and a fantastic validation of our technology and approach, providing a clear path to value for our customers, and sending strong signals to green technology investors who continue to be attracted to the Lunaz proposition.”

Image from Lunaz

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