EV drivers return to destinations with good charging

Some 97% of EV drivers will visit destinations more often with improved charging experience, showing the opportunity for retail and other public spaces to make use of effective infrastructure.

Research commissioned by charging firm Zest, found of EV drivers surveyed some 88% use public charge points and 71% who do charge at home also use public charging at least once a week. Almost a third of EV drivers don’t have a private charge point at home.

On the destinations figure, the majority of EV owners said they would visit more often due to the high-quality charging experience, and 82% said it would encourage them to one destination over another.

Fast and reliable charging featured heavily in the survey, with EV drivers’ trip values increasing up 41% with a better charging experience. This is because more than half of EV owners said they would spend half-an-hour longer at a destination, boosting retail sales.

Robin Heap, Zest CEO, said: “There’s no doubt that the places that take a proactive approach to EV charging infrastructure now will benefit in the future. The vast majority of EV drivers charge outside their home, even if they have private charging, so the opportunity is there now to attract the spend and engagement from this ever-growing market. This research evidences that perfectly, and will hopefully only add momentum to the drive for more public charge points.

“Retail destinations across the UK are seeing just how much value the right EV charging experience can create. Direct revenues, increased footfall and spend, all among a fast-growing cohort who are only now establishing their charging habits. EV charging can revitalise asset values and aligns with consumers’ growing sense of climate responsibility. Add to that the fact it can be implemented at zero cost, as we take on the initial investment and long-term service provision, and you can see why we’re so passionate about rolling out this increasingly vital function now.”

Tolga Necar, Principal Consultant at CACI, commented: “A place is only successful if it truly delivers for the people that spend their time and money there; EV charging has quickly moved from a niche addition serving a small number of early adopters, to a key component, one that is really adding value. Our research shows just how important public charging is – how willing EV owners are to up their engagement with a destination if the infrastructure meets their expectations, and indeed the overall positive perception good charging creates for a place, amongst EV and non-EV owners alike.

“We’d certainly encourage any landowner that hasn’t thought about EV charging yet to do so now, following a data-led approach that understands who their customers are and will be, ensuring the volume and types delivered are fit for now and in the future.”

Image from Zest

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