Best and worst towns to find an EV charger revealed

The best town to charge an electric vehicle is Coventry, according to analysis of government data by charging firm Bonnet. 

The data, which also shows Castle Point in Essex is currently the worst place, was undertaken by the firm using the latest statistics published by the Department for Transport. 

Bonnet ranked the best and worst 30 towns in the UK for public charging based on how many charging points there are per 100,000 people.

Top areas also included York, Dundee, and Brighton and the Orkney Islands, which has the third most chargers per person in the UK due to its dedicated EV charging strategy. Milton Keynes, Stirling and East Lothian in Scotland and Ceredigion in Wales also featured as some of the best areas.

The lowest areas included the Wirral, Fenland, Staffordshire Moorlands and Bury, all of which are in England. Locations with the least number of chargers per 100,000 people also included Bury, Bolton, and regions in Northern Ireland.

Figures also showed the number of points has increased by 5,200, or 12%.

Patrick Reich, CEO and co-founder of Bonnet, said: “This analysis highlights the great work that has been done over the past year by networks to install more chargers, especially in and around towns. There’s still a long way to go to make sure everyone has access to reliable public chargers no matter where they are, but these results show we’re well on the road.”

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