Vauxhall partners with online car marketplace carwow

Vauxhall has partnered with car marketplace carwow on growing its charging programme, Electric Streets of Britain, launched this summer.

The car manufacturer will be able to access carwow’s database in order to work with councils on pinpointing where interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is strongest across the country, and where on-street charge point installation could be accelerated.

It follows figures from carwow revealing 15% of car enquiries this year have been for EVs. Last month, more than 45,000 EVs were registered in the UK, representing a peak 17% of the new car market. But with 1,432 public EV charging devices added to the ZapMap database, there is a need to rapidly growth infrastructure.

Electric Streets of Britain aims to address the lack of on-street charging provision in the UK, with more than 70% of councils currently not having a published strategy for residential on-street charging, and 69% yet to install any on-street chargers. Most charging is at home – 80% – as it is the most cost-effective route, but 40% of households do not have access to off-street parking, which rises to 60% in urban areas.  The programme includes a new national database for the public to register their charging needs. 

An ‘Enablement Fund’ to improve local authority understanding of residential on-street charging needs, working with leading charging operators has also been set up.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “From 2035, Government mandate dictates that all new cars sold must be electric, and this data shows there is work to do to support consumers making the switch. 

“Electric Streets is just part of a package of measures Vauxhall is introducing to improve accessibility, including everything from investing in EV manufacturing in the UK, at our Ellesmere Port facility, to introducing long term PCP deals for customers.”

Sepi Arani, Commercial Director at carwow said: “Our data clearly demonstrates strong and consistent interest in EVs, despite some motorists living in areas with little private off-street parking.

“What’s key now is that the industry comes together and works with local authorities to not only install more charge points, but, critically, ensure installation where they are needed most.”

Image courtesy of Performance Comms.

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