ubitricity partners with UK Power Networks

Electric vehicle (EV) charge point operator ubitricity has partnered with UK Power Networks (UKPN), to shift demand and create added flexibility for EV drivers.

Under the terms of an initial two-year flexibility tender agreement, ubitricity will implement a pilot program across a number of its public EV charge points to shift a significant portion of network utilisation for EV charging away from peak times.

The move aims to manage charging demand for EVs through using innovative approaches to managing when people charge can, helping the grid to cope, while still providing convenient and fairly priced charging.

While smart charging is available with some home chargers, ubitricity is one of the first company to introduce it at scale on a public charging network.

By actively managing the charging schedule of its charge points and promoting solutions such as ubitricity’s smart charging, which allows customers to schedule charging sessions to pause during peak hours (4-7pm) over the winter period, ubitricity will support UKPN to alleviate pressure on the electricity grid.

Toby Butler, Managing Director at ubitricity UK, said: “This agreement will directly contribute to lowering CO2 emissions by reducing demands on the grid at peak times, when fossil fuels are most likely to be used to generate electricity.We are proud to be the first fully public charging network engaging with electricity distributors to actively shift charging demand away from peak times, optimising EV charging infrastructure for the benefit of the grid and the environment.

“By embracing innovation and collaboration with partners such as UKPN we believe we can drive positive change, combining this together with our introduction of our smart charging feature making it even easier for customers to skip peak charging, we’re both reducing the use of fossil fuels and lowering EV charging costs for our consumers.”

Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Director of DSO at UK Power Networks, said: “This agreement is great news for customers because we are opening up opportunities for even more people through flexible charging.

“Widening participation in flexibility is a key part of our plan to keep connecting low carbon technologies to the electricity network while delivering savings to customers of £60m in traditional network investment in 2023 alone.”

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