BENY joins with Monta

Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point manufacturer BENY New Energy has joined Monta’s ‘Powered by’ programme to create a seamless EV charging solution for UK EV owners.

As a partner, BENY’s commercial and residential charge points will now be shipped with Monta software built-in. The software can be used in a residential or commercial setting, which aims to eliminate the need for multiple software or apps, the firm said.

A key reason for joining the programme was due to Monta using renewable energy to charge EVs, such as its SolarCharging product.

BENY’s chargers range from 7kW to 262kW. BENY’s AC chargers offer power between 7.4kW and 22kW and DC commercial charging stations provide power ranging from 20kW to 262kW and have received recognition from the UK government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

Jundan Wang, general manager at BENY, said: “We’re driven by our primary aim of providing efficient, innovative, and reliable solutions for EV charging and in Monta, we found a partner who shares this aim.

“Monta’s platform simplifies the management of EV charging clients, providing insights into users and charge point statuses. Placing our services on their platform opens doors to a wide user base, helping to create recurring business opportunities.”

“Through this partnership, we can equip our charge points with Monta’s platform which means we can offer the same software solution to residential and commercial clients.”

Alok Dubey, UK Country Manager at Monta, said: “BENY has over a decade in the EV industry. As this new partnership gets underway, I’m confident that together, BENY and Monta will meet and exceed the requirements of both commercial and residential customers. 

“This partnership will allow BENY to take advantage of our latest innovations, such as the intelligent Virtual SolarCharging feature. This ensures EV charge point manufacturers can easily integrate their charge points with solar panels – allowing users to charge their EVs by harnessing renewable energy from the sun.”

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