New data shows areas with most EV charging

Data bringing together electric vehicle (EV) sales, charger numbers and air quality has been released by drivers’ group, EVA England, through an interactive map.

The new tool allows drivers to check their local area as well as national trends, revealing rapid chargers are well distributed nationally, with a focus towards motorways.

The picture is different for on-street parking, which is patchier, especially in more rural areas. It also reflects the housing stock in larger cities being less likely to have access to their own charger, and rely on the public charging system – which explains why London constituencies have high levels of on-street infrastructure. 

The map also shows councils taking a lead, such as Milton Keynes, which has two constituency areas in the top 5.

Working with ZapMap and New Automotive, the EVA said it intends to update these figures annually as a policy tool and for the public and private companies.

EVA England CEO James Court, said: “Lack of chargers, whether perceived or real, is a real sticking point for many people when it comes to owning an EV. For people with access to their own charger, running an EV can be a no-brainer, the same is true for people like me who are well served by local infrastructure.

“But if we are going to hit our EV targets, we need to see a huge ramp-up in activity from local authorities and businesses to install more chargers.”

Image courtesy of EVA England

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