EasyGo uses Techniche EV to automate maintenance

One of Ireland’s largest privately-owned charging networks has used new software to automate maintenance and monitoring of charge points and improve uptime

EasyGo will use Techniche EV to automate the maintenance and support the monitoring of its network of chargers, to improve charger uptime and meet or exceed customer service level agreements.

The EasyGo network hosts and manages over 4,275 charging points across 1,500 locations, used by more than 50,000 Irish EV drivers. The company is the EV charging partner for both private and enterprise customers such as Lidl and Volvo.

Chris Kelly, co-founder and technical director of EasyGo, said: “We are on a mission to decarbonise transport by investing in and expanding the EV charging infrastructure. As such, we need a solution to help us automate the maintenance and monitoring of our rapidly expanding network of chargers. This partnership will bring the operational excellence of the fuel retail industry to our business, ensuring our customers have access to the highest standard of EV charging facilities.

“Techniche has many years’ experience working with the petroleum retail industry, helping fuel and convenience customers manage the maintenance of their critical assets and improve the reliability of fuel retail infrastructure. The company understands the demands of our clients – those that own the charge points as well as the end-users, the EV drivers wanting to charge. We expect Techniche EV will enable us to improve our service delivery, and by using best-in-class systems, continue to deliver for our customers.”

Karl Jacoby, CEO, Techniche said: “This removes the need for manual intervention when faults occur, speeding up the time to repair, improving the charging experience for EV drivers.

“Additionally, by capturing and recording asset data from the chargers, EasyGo will gather a detailed history of the chargers they operate, allowing them to analyse the performance and cost-effectiveness of different brands and models.

“The industry in general is grappling with how best to deliver a reliable charging experience. Technology to automate the maintenance of EV chargers will be vital to improve the reliability of the infrastructure and meet government targets.”

Image from EasyGo

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