Allstar unveils Chargepass for expenses

Expenses payment firm Allstar has revealed Allstar Chargepass to simplify payment for EV charging in both domestic and public settings. 

The move follows the acquisition of Mina by Allstar’s parent company Fleetcor, with both businesses uniting to offer a range of EV charging payment solutions under the name of Allstar Chargepass. 

Allstar has appointed Ashley Tate, the former CEO and founder of EV charging payment startup Mina, as Managing Director of Allstar Chargepass in the UK. Tate will be responsible for the rollout of Allstar Chargepass’ offering, bringing his expertise in creating industry-leading payment technology at Mina, it said.

Allstar Chargepass allows fleet and business electric vehicles to be charged at home and on the road, eliminating the need for separate transactions, and offering customers a single monthly invoice. This also applies to businesses operating mixed fleets – electric and ICE – providing flexibility across total fuel and charging expense. 

Chargepass means drivers don’t have to pay upfront for EV charging costs and businesses don’t need flat rates schemes for reimbursement. Instead, EV charging costs consumed at home are paid accurately and directly to each employee’s energy supplier, and when charging on the road, employees have access to a large EV charging network.

The solution also provides businesses with tools to manage their EV fleets through a portal that includes features such ‘multi-electric vehicle mode’, which prevents charging fraud and improves charging transparency, it claims. Insights including carbon intensity and emissions, cost per kWh, location, and duration of each charge to help inform fleet management decision-making and sustainability targets.

Tom Rowlands, MD Global EV Solutions, Fleetcor, said: “With the transition to EV vehicles fully underway both at home and in businesses, Allstar is launching Allstar Chargepass to provide a holistic solution that can accommodate EV and mixed fuel fleets under one simple invoice. Unifying with Mina and the arrival of Chargepass brings a new era of ease for fleets as they increasingly continue to look to adopt electric vehicles, and we’re excited to see where this journey will take us.” 

Ashley Tate, MD, Allstar Chargepass UK, said: “Since the acquisition of Mina by Fleetcor earlier this year, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring a solution to market that can combine the strengths of both fantastic businesses. Now with the launch of Allstar Chargepass here, I can confidently say we’ve managed to create that industry-leading solution that will allow fleets to streamline their transition to electric, no matter how big or small.” 

Image of Tom Rowlands and Ashley Tate courtesy of Allstar

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