Churchill Expert partners with Electric Car Lease

Fleet insurance firm Churchill Expert has partnered with the company Electric Car Lease to offer businesses leasing EV fleets the option of securing a tailored insurance quote for their EV fleet.

The leasing firm provides high-quality all-electric cars to private and commercial customers across the UK.

The partnership will see Churchill Expert support electric car lease’s commercial fleet customers by offering the option of getting a tailored insurance quote to cover their commercial EV Fleet.

Nicola Richmond, Head of Churchill Expert Flexible Fleet Partnerships, said: “Our research1 shows that more than three quarters (78 per cent) of fleet managers aim to convert their entire fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) before the government’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars comes into effect in 2030. Flexible vehicle acquisition, such as that offered by electric car lease, will play a huge role helping fleet managers to make the transition to an electric fleet.

“Through the partnership, Churchill Expert’s team of dedicated underwriters can help support businesses on this road into the future with tailored insurance products and pricing for their fleets covering vehicle theft, accidental damage, vehicle battery, theft of charge cables and EV charger wall boxes.”

Rob King, CEO of Electric Car Lease, said: “The UK’s car leasing market has altered dramatically over the last 10 years with the introduction of electric cars and vans, not to mention a swathe of new brands and technology. For businesses and fleets engaged in EV procurement (company car or salary sacrifice), this is no longer just a conversation about price or “the best lease deals”.

“We are now in an era where a customer needs robust, yet succinct, solutions on what can potentially be a complicated transition – EV charge point installation at home or the workplace, charge point location apps, charging cables, tariffs, and motor insurance to name but a few of the most pertinent elements. And that’s without working through the key components of the actual EV, with further aspects to consider like real world range, battery capacities, charging capabilities (and times), running costs and performance.

“With the latest innovation from the electric car lease team, the Electric Vehicle Certificate, we have been able to synthesise the crucial aspects of EV procurement into a simplified document, which we are hoping will revolutionise the purchase, lease or sale of all-electric vehicles. But this has only been possible by working with the leading experts in their respective fields. From an early stage in our company journey it became apparent that many business customers were encountering significant obstacles with their fleet insurance.

“Aligning with Churchill Expert for the electric car leasing journey has not only instilled confidence in our customers to be able to achieve their net-zero and green ambitions but it has cemented our team’s determination to be the UK’s leading experts. We are truly grateful to work alongside partners who are as equally dedicated as us.” 

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