World EV Day roundup

Transport + Energy takes a look at some of the industry announcements and initiatives that are being launched to mark World EV Day – including access to servicing, free electric vehicle charging and a new solar-powered charging innovation.

Ade Thomas, Founder of World EV Day, said: ”World EV Day is a global campaign that aims to shift the dial on the transition to EVs. It catalyses action across communities, companies and governments. On social media, World EV Day trends on Twitter with over 300 million impressions, and is one of the top 10 LinkedIn sustainability channels.”

EV servicing accessibility now just 20 minutes away

Halfords, a leading name in motoring and servicing in the UK, has announced a groundbreaking achievement in electric vehicle (EV) servicing accessibility to mark World EV Day (9 September 2024) – with 80% of the UK population now able access to top-tier EV servicing, all within 20 minutes of their doorstep.

Halfords has invested heavily over the last few years in order to expand its EV servicing centres, ensuring widespread accessibility across the nation. The announcement comes on World EV Day (9 September 2024) as the number of electric cars in the UK grows at a rapid rate.

There are now around 840,000 fully electric cars on UK roads, and a further 520,000 plug-in hybrids as of the end of July 2023. The National Grid previously stated there will be 36 million electric vehicles on UK roads by 2040 – prior to the government’s policy announcement which shows this timely expansion is more important than ever in order to get the UK ready for the biggest automotive shift in a generation.

Andy Turbefield, Head of Quality at Halfords, said: “Today, on World EV Day, we are thrilled to announce that 80% of Brits can now access top-notch EV servicing within 20 minutes of their homes. This achievement underscores our dedication to revolutionising electric vehicle maintenance. At Halfords, we believe in making servicing as accessible to as many motorists as possible, and this accomplishment is a testament to that commitment. We look forward to continuing our journey towards a greener, more convenient future of motoring in the UK.”

RAW Charging offers free charging

RAW Charging is celebrating World EV Day by offering drivers the opportunity to charge for free across a variety of destinations on Saturday 9 September 2023.

RAW’s charging network which includes popular sites such as McArthurGlen outlets in York, Bridgend, and the East Midlands, over 500 chargers at Greene King pubs across the UK and several hotels and spas under the Exclusive brand such as Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa in Surrey will offer free charging for drivers throughout the day. Free charging will begin at 12:01am on Saturday 9 September and normal fees will resume at 23:59 on the same day. Predominantly AC fast charging, RAW’s partner destinations provide drivers with simple usable chargepoints.

As sector specialists in the hospitality, leisure and retail industries, RAW wants to celebrate World EV Day by giving back to drivers through offering free charging across the UK, to further highlight the growing importance of affordable, reliable destination charging. By providing EV charging, businesses can attract new and existing EV-driving customers through word-of-mouth and third-party platforms.

Jason Simpson, CEO, RAW Charging, said: “For a second year in a row, we’d like to celebrate World EV Day by giving back to the EV drivers of the UK. Our partnerships with businesses in the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors show the importance of destination charging and we’d like to thank our customers at these venues by offering free charging on 9 September 2023. We look forward to continuing our rollout of destination charging across the UK and Europe to help aide the transition to EVs.”

SolarCharge feature from Monta harnesses power of sun to charge EVs

Monta, a leading EV charging platform, has unveiled a new solution that taps into the power of the sun for EV charging.

The company is on a mission to make it easier for EV drivers to charge their cars using the power of the sun via their new Virtual SolarCharge feature, which is currently in Beta Testing and set for UK release in the Autumn.

The Beta Test programme is allowing EV drivers with solar panels on their home to provide their solar panels’ peak output, declination, and azimuth (compass orientation) into the Monta app. 

The Monta SolarCharge algorithm then uses this information, along with current weather conditions, to accurately estimate the amount of solar energy they can generate to charge their EV. 

This new feature from Monta not only benefits EV drivers, but also presents an opportunity for EV charge point hardware manufacturers. By ensuring that their charge points easily integrate with solar panels, this could be a differentiator that sets it apart from competitors in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Alok Dubey (pictured below), Regional Director at Monta, said: “Most EV owners rely on the National Grid to charge their car, which can be costly and puts a strain on the grid and its infrastructure. EV owners can also face higher electricity bills which feeds into a wider debate about the cost efficiency of owning an EV. This is where solar panels come into play as a sustainable solution.

”By tapping into the energy generated from solar panels, EV homeowners can provide their own electricity and reduce their dependence on the National Grid. This helps to cut costs and increases energy independence and resilience

“Any charge point that has load balancing capability and is compatible with Monta can be used for solar charging – which opens up solar charging to a much wider consumer market and doesn’t lock users into only using charge point manufacturer software to manage their EV charging.”

“We believe that accelerating and democratising the adoption of EV technology is key to building a better future for everyone, and as the demand for EV home charging rises, it is crucial to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions. This is why we believe harnessing the energy from solar panels will be a game-changer.”

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