OriginTrail to assist with EU digital product passports for EV batteries

OriginTrail Knowledge Assets aims to assist manufacturers with digital product passports (DPPs), which will be introduced by the EU for EV batteries by 2027.

The DPPs will overcome the concern about the extraction and utilisation of metals for batteries, which have raised significant environmental, ethical, and sustainability concerns, including the use of forced and child labour.

As a result, the EU has introduced a regulation stipulating that by 2027, every EV battery in the market must have a digital product passport, accessible via a QR code.

OriginTrail Knowledge Assets provide a foundation for EV battery DPPs through ensuring each EV battery passport’s authenticity is directly verifiable, tying it unequivocally to the manufacturer. This not only ensures trust but establishes a clear line of accountability, it said.

Stakeholders can also trace the entire lifecycle, from the source of the metals to the battery’s end-of-life phase, and OriginTrail ensures every piece of data in the EV DPP, as well as its issuer, updates, and other changes can be verified on blockchain.

In order to balance transparency with business sensitivity, OriginTrail allows firms to decide what data is public and what remains restricted or only accessible to certain stakeholders.

In addition, it combines the web of trusted knowledge assets with AI tools, ensuring querying complex supply chain data can be done through simple chat-like interfaces. It can also offer AI-driven insights from EV battery DPPs to, for example, preemptively identifying potential battery issues, so manufacturers can proactively reach out to their customers, ensuring safety and building trust.

The firm said: “By converging OriginTrail-powered EV DPPs and related Knowledge Assets with AI, we’re not just looking at the next step for the EV industry but more of a quantum leap. It’s a future where trusted knowledge drives decisions, ensures sustainability, and shapes an exciting era of innovation and trust.

“EV batteries are merely the tip of the iceberg. The EU’s vision for digital product passports extends far beyond, encompassing a range of product categories from textiles to consumer electronics. As these regulations take shape, they signify billions of products that could leverage the benefits of OriginTrail-powered product passports. With this, industries can establish a trusted AI foundation, opening doors to infinite possibilities and ensuring a sustainable and ethical future.”

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