New EV charging facility opened by Ecobat

Ecobat Solutions UK has announced the opening of an on-site electric vehicle (EV) charging facility for staff and visitors – with the power for the chargers coming from an unexpected source. 

The Darlaston-based company employs over 85 staff in the UK alone. Its EV battery diagnosis and disassembly centre opened in January 2021 and has already repaired, re-engineered or recycled more than 5,500 batteries, in partnership with vehicle and equipment manufacturers. 

Ecobat collects EV batteries, including end-of-life, damaged, defective and critical units, from all around the UK. Once on-site, batteries are analysed for state of health and discharged prior to re-engineering or recycling. The power from this discharge process is entirely captured and deployed within the facility, including the new EV charging points. 

Elliott Ethridge, Vice President of Global Sales at Ecobat Solutions, said: “When we welcome customers to site, they are invited to charge their electric vehicles with energy derived from the very batteries we are recycling. Energy capture is an integrated part of our system and it’s yet another demonstration of circularity in action here at Ecobat.” 

Such circularity of resource is typical of the approach at Ecobat Solutions, which has also begun first-stage recycling of end-of-life battery cells and modules in the UK. This means that output fractions, which contain elements such as nickel, cobalt and lithium, can be returned to the supply chain in place of mined materials. 

Ecobat Solutions’ Darlaston base is the blueprint for the company’s advanced battery operations, with further facilities in development across Europe and recently announced in the USA. The company offers an integrated service to vehicle and equipment OEMs across Europe, covering logistics, diagnosis, discharge, re-engineering for re-use, and recycling, ensuring that EV batteries are managed and well deployed throughout their useful life. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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