New smart charging app launched

A new smart EV charger and free app aims for automatically charging when it is cheapest or greenest, reducing bills and carbon emissions.

The ivie EV Charger and the ivie Charge app, launched at the Fully Charged Live South event, allows for owners to create a domestic charging schedule alongside public charging functionality at more than 9,000 public charge points nationally – rolled out to ivie EV Charger users ahead of general release. 

The ivie Charge app’s home charging feature identifies the times to charge an EV when the UK’s energy supply is greenest. For users on single rate tariffs, the ivie EV Charger and ivie Charge app work together to automatically charge at the greenest times, easing pressure on the grid by using the maximum amount of renewable energy. 

If the user has a dual-rate tariff which already encourages energy use at greener times via a cheaper off-peak period, it takes advantage of off-peak energy prices and prioritising charging at these cheapest times. The 7kW ivie EV Charger and app also give users the ability to set a personalised charging schedule with an override function if need to charge immediately.

For charging in public, the ivie Charge App displays accurate updates of a public charge point’s status before arrival. These can be filtered by type, speed of charging and customer reviews. A linked payment option allows for each of payment at such charge points.

Mike Woodhall, CEO of Chameleon Technology, who owns the brand, said: “Convenience is one of the key features of the ivie EV Charger and the ivie Charge app, helping EV drivers to easily overcome the frustrations around home and public charging and battery range.

“We’ve integrated charging features built around consumer needs with the ability to set and forget, fitting in perfectly with busy lifestyles combined with easy public charging and simple payment methods. We’re making it much easier to ensure that the EV is always ready to go.”

Image courtesy of ivie

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