Paythru working with Opcharge to support UK entry

Cloud-based electric vehicle payment specialist Paythru is partnering with Opcharge to support its entry into the UK market.

The move sees Paythru providing a customisable app platform to the Netherlands-based company for its first EV charging stations, which are being supplied to the Diocese of Oxford for installation at a number of sites across the Oxford area including the church’s head office.

The 22Kw EV charge points are being rolled out across the Diocese during 2023 to be used by staff and visitors to charge their vehicles while undertaking church business and other related activity. These are part of a broader sustainable initiative by the church to reduce its carbon footprint and form part of plans to invest in the latest technologies to help it reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2035. 

The new chargers feature a user-friendly interface that can be easily operated to enable fast charging speeds, providing staff and other users with the ability to quickly charge their parked vehicles before heading back out onto the road. 

Paythru is already partnering with Opcharge, which specialises in providing customised public and private charging solutions for local authorities, retailers and businesses, to drive expansion of the Dutch company’s charge point operations and product offer across Europe.

It aims to exceed 25,000 installed units by 2025, all powered by 100% green energy, and uses Paythru to deliver best-in-class front-end and back-end, simple-to-use cloud-based platforms, which put users at the heart of the payment solution.

The first EV chargers have already been installed and commissioned at Church House Oxford and mark the start of Opcharge’s ambitions to grow its UK public charging network by 2023.

Thomas Herbert, managing director of Opcharge UK, said: “We are thrilled to be entering the UK market and working with Paythru technology to support the Diocese of Oxford’s transition to a more sustainable future. 

“We are passionate about the importance of having an accessible and convenient public charging network for everyone. Charge point operators play a key role in the future of transportation within the UK, to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles at the rate required to reach net zero goals.” 

Paythru is able to offer branded E3V charging apps with its tech partners with added value parking management capabilities across a range of sites.

CEO James O’Neill said: “We are delighted to be working with Opcharge as it moves more and more into the UK market. The Diocese of Oxford is a great first step for our combined technologies, putting payments and staff at the heart of an effective solution. We very much look forward to continuing to support the roll out programme in the coming months.”

The Bishop of Oxford, The Right Reverend Dr Steven Croft, said the Church of England has to play its part in the journey towards net zero through example and leadership.

He added: “This must be through actions as well as through our words. The installation of new EV chargers at Church House Oxford is another step towards net zero carbon emissions.”

Image courtesy of Opcharge / Paythru.

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