New pavement charging solution launched

UK startup Kerbo Charge has announced the roll-out of its self-closing cable channel for electric car owners.

The product, which is aimed at domestic charging without driveways, solves the problem of how to charge an EV and could save users up to £1,439 a year compared to solely using fast public chargers – at present prices.

The Kerbo Charge channel differs from other ‘cable channel’ products in three key ways, the company claim:

  1. The polymer channel includes a self-closing lid that snaps down shut as the cable is inserted and removed – eliminating the trip hazard.
  2. It’s been built to contour with the surface of the pavement so will sit flush.
  3. Its shallow form factor allows for fast installation by council engineers.

There is a need for such products since 40% of the UK population do not have access to a driveway – meaning a current reliance on the public charging network.

Milton Keynes is the first city to receive public installations of the new product with additional local authority partnerships planned for the rest of the UK, the firm said.

Kerbo Charge co-founder Michael Goulden said: “We developed this product in partnership with local authorities – the critical design requirements are the ability to flex with uneven pavement surfaces, be easy to install and to be safe for all foot traffic. We also offer cashback incentives for customers who share their charge point with other members of their community.”

Milton Keynes City Council Cabinet Member for Climate Action and Sustainability, Cllr Jennifer Wilson-Marklew, said: “This is a really innovative and exciting trial which could encourage people to make the switch to electric. We’re constantly looking for ways to both improve charging facilities and to give people the confidence that they will be able to charge their cars.”

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