TTF Working Group commits to producing further EV guidance for councils

The Transport Technology Forum’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Working Group is committing to producing further guidance designed to help council officers’ rollout the required infrastructure to keep pace with the adoption of electric vehicles.
The group of public and private sector experts who make up the Working Group attended a meeting in Newbury where they heard that local authorities are a key stakeholder when it comes to delivering the rollout of charging infrastructure and must fully understand and embrace the technology.
This latest meeting held at Novuna Vehicle Solutions heard that engagement with residents is vital when delivering a network that people want and accept. It heard that councils must keep engaging and explaining what they are doing, focusing on considerations and challenges around parking and traffic regulation orders.
The Working Group, which was set up by the TTF to help local councils tackle the challenges around delivering charging networks for the anticipated huge growth in electric vehicles has already published a starter guide for authorities to understand what they need to consider when it comes to delivering a charging network.
The group’s Chair, Shamala Evans-Gadgil from Coventry City Council (pictured) committed to delivering more advice about delivering charging infrastructure from a local authority’s perspectives. 

“The TTF’s EV Working Group remains a key medium to deliver updates and outputs to local authorities around education needed in this space,” she explained. “The next step for the group will be to provide the further guidance on procurement, site selection, consultation and delivery that we have committed to this year.”
The Working Group heard from Dr Andrew Larkham from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) who, among other things, explained that the issue of charging is often exaggerated by drivers who tend to over-estimate the mileage they drive, meaning they could use a vehicle on the market now without any range anxiety. Attendees also received advice on cyber security, site selection and strategy, while Novuna’s Head of Decarbonisation Jonny Berry busted a number of myths in a Q and A session which was facilitated by Alec Peachey, Content Director of the Local Council Roads Innovation Group and publisher of

The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Working Group will deliver a further update during the TTF Conference in Leeds from 25-27 April.

Image courtesy of TTF.

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