Survey: 30% of fleet to EVs within next year

A global survey of fleet operators has revealed that 30% of managers are looking to electrify their fleets within the next year.

The data from 1,800 fleet operators by Teletrac Navman also revealed rising fuel costs (39%), disruption due to the impact of COVID-19 (32%) and supply chain pressure (31%), are the top challenges facing the sector.

Fuel conversion (23%) remains a key challenge with EV supply, the study claimed, with a third also saying the conversion to electric and next generation fuels was their largest areas of expense behind purchasing new vehicles.

More than a third – 41% – also said that the environmental impact is their biggest concern about the current economic environment –and maintenance of existing fleet continued to be largest expense for 39% of those surveyed.

Mayank Sharma, Head of Global Product Management & UX at Teletrac Navman, said: “With supply chain issues continuing to impact EV vehicle availability and cost, some fleets are struggling to start the transition and are having to find ways to safely extend vehicle life through preventative maintenance and more conscientious use on the road.

“However, those with the available capex to be early movers to EVs could gain a competitive advantage as they won’t be exposed to any further rising petrol or diesel costs, they’ll be reducing their environmental impact which is coming more into play in customer contracts, and will likely benefit from government grants and subsidies that will later be removed.”

Other findings from the survey included fleets offering more technological integrations – 48% – through 2023 and technology aiding compliance. More were also focusing on implementing more digital workflows (39%) and video telematics (38%), it said.

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