EV Cafe launches podcast

The EV Cafe has launched a new podcast that will feature interviews with professionals from the electric vehicle, low emission transport and sustainability space.

The EV Café team of Jonny Berry, Sam Clarke, John Curtis, Paul Kirby and Sara Sloman continue to meet regularly both online and in person, inviting guests into the fray to have conversation about clean energy and transport.

Guests from across the EV industry will join the crew for The EV Café Takeaway, having candid conversations to highlight the work of the industry, to uncover stories that we all need to learn from and importantly, to understand something of the people behind the work.  

Paul Kirby, the project lead explains why the Takeaway podcasts are being recorded: “The reason we wanted to create The EV Café Takeaway was to help everyone understand what it takes to make a difference in the EV and sustainability sector.  People often discount themselves for a variety of reasons and we need to learn from those that may have some obstacles or challenges but choose to press on anyway.” 

He went on to illustrate what listeners can expect to hear from the Takeaways: “As The EV Café crew, we have a wonderful privilege to talk to some amazing pioneers, innovators and collaborators in our industry. The generosity, openness, honesty, and insight from our guests has been truly humbling and inspirational. We want as many people as possible, to be challenged and inspired by these podcasts.”

The EV Cafe Takeaway will launch at 8am on Wednesday 1st March, and the first guest will be Graeme Cooper who will share his insights on his career, industry knowledge and how he came to be where he is today. 

New episodes will be released each week and will be available on all the popular podcast channels as well as The EV Café website – https://www.evcafe.org/

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