ElectriX joins forces with Camden Clean Air Initiative

ElectriX, part of LV= General Insurance, has announced a new partnership with The Camden Clean Air Initiative to help local residents and businesses understand how they may be able to make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV).

The partnership will see ElectriX engage with senior business leaders to support their sustainability goals through access to electric car business leasing and salary sacrifice schemes.

As part of the partnership, ElectriX will run EV myth busting sessions and contribute to podcasts and communications. The company will also headline sponsor the Leaders’ Summit, run by The Camden Clean Air Initiative which has invited around 50 CEOs from the area in March.

Through a range of initiatives, the team at ElectriX will also help break down any perceived barriers around EVs and highlight the benefits – whether that’s cost, charging infrastructure, concerns about range or even battery life. They’ll also be on hand to share their experiences of driving an electric car, and discuss any hot topics on EVs that people would like to explore.

Gill Nowell, Head of EV Communications at ElectriX, commented: “ElectriX is about helping people to better understand the electric vehicle landscape, and to help them make an easy and informed switch to an EV if they’re in a position to do so. This will ultimately help clean up our local air quality, as road vehicles make up 91% of the UK’s annual domestic transport CO2 emissions. Therefore, electric cars are a critical tool to help meet our local air quality and climate change goals. Making business leasing and EV salary sacrifice schemes more accessible to local businesses in Camden will offer an affordable means for people to move to EV.”

Georgina McGivern, Programme Manager at from The Camden Clean Air Initiative, added: We’re delighted to have ElectriX become a Foundation Partner of The Camden Clean Air Initiative. We are working to tackle air pollution and believe the transition to electric is a key way we’re going to achieve this. Our values therefore align brilliantly with those of ElectriX who are working to support more drivers switch to an electric vehicle. Through the partnership, we aim to engage more Camden residents with EVs by breaking down barriers around upfront costs and the fear of the unknown. 

“The partnership with ElectriX is incredibly valuable as it allows us to run our community programme and make an impact around the Borough of Camden. ElectriX is supporting our community projects, getting involved in events, providing volunteers, and promoting our programme.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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