Zenobē connects battery to transmission network

Battery storage and EV fleet specialist Zenobē has announced its 100MW battery in Capenhurst, Chester is live and delivering the first commercial reactive power services of its kind in the world, it has claimed.

The site in the Mersey region will support the development of renewables in-line with local and national net zero targets and assist in managing network capacity – using existing Scottish wind flows in the region. The battery is the largest battery directly connected to the transmission network in Europe, connecting at 275,000 volts, and the first in the world to have a commercial contract to provide reactive power.

The project aims to reduce the reliance on local gas plants for reactive power and lower the risk of blackouts – as well as reducing energy bills. Cost savings are achieved for consumers as gas plants will not need to run as frequently – and fees will not have to be paid to curtail wind power when the network is congested.

In its first 15 years of operation the battery will save £58m on curtailment costs and save 1,004,040 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

The Capenhurst battery was commissioned in direct response to a National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) Pathfinder which sought to find a cost-effective solution to the high-voltage issues seen in the Mersey region.

James Basden, Co-founder and director of Zenobē, said: “With Capenhurst, we’re solving a key issue on the grid in the Merseyside region whilst significantly enhancing the nation’s use of renewable power. This pioneering project enables us to deliver vital grid services without the need for fossil fuels, supporting cities like Liverpool with their zero carbon targets.

“The activation of the site represents a key milestone for Zenobē as a business and for the UK as it moves towards a zero-carbon power system. Decarbonisation is more important than ever, as we face increasing energy prices and seek greater energy independence. We look forward to taking these solutions into other countries, using our expertise to make clean power accessible across the globe.”

Image courtesy of Zenobe

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