Shapps to head up newly created Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

The UK Government has today (7 February) created four new departments – with Grant Shapps appointed to head up the newly formed Department for Energy Security and Net Zero which is being tasked with securing the country’s long-term energy supply, bringing down bills and halving inflation.

Grant Shapps has been appointed the new Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero and was previously Business Secretary.

The move recognises the significant impact rising prices have had on households across the country as a result of the war in Ukraine, and the need to secure more energy from domestic nuclear and renewable sources as we seize the opportunities of net zero.

A dedicated Department for Science, Innovation and Technology will drive the innovation that will deliver improved public services, create new and better-paid jobs and grow the economy. Having a single department focussed on turning scientific and technical innovations into practical, appliable solutions to the challenges we face will help make sure the UK is the most innovative economy in the world.

A combined Department for Business and Trade will support growth by backing British businesses at home and abroad, promoting investment and championing free trade.

Finally, a re-focused Department for Culture, Media and Sport will recognise the importance of these industries to our economy and build on the UK’s position as a global leader in the creative arts.

Industry reaction:

Max Sugarman, Chief Executive of Intelligent Transport Systems UK, said: “The establishment of a dedicated government department for science, innovation and technology is a welcome step in supporting dynamic and innovative transport businesses across the UK. 

“There are huge opportunities from the development of new technologies in the transport sector, whether that’s in areas like traffic management and enforcement, mobility as a service, connected and autonomous vehicles, micro-mobility, integrated transport or smart ticketing, to name a few. Technology can help the sector reach Net Zero, improve safety, ensure we are making the best use of the network’s limited capacity and support the uptake of healthier travel options, such as walking and cycling. By working with the Government, and the new Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, we can ensure the UK becomes a world-leader in these technologies, utilising them not only to improve our transport network, but also to support jobs, investment and economic growth.

“ITS UK would like to congratulate Michelle Donelan on her appointment as Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology. We look forward to working with her and the Department to support the take up of transport technology across the UK.”

More to follow.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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