Livista Energy partner with mining firm

CAA Mining and Livista Energy have formed a partnership for lithium processing in a move welcomed by the Minerals Commission of Ghana.

The move follows plans by Livista to set up a lithium refinery in the UK and investment across Europe, with the government providing funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre to develop its plans for building a lithium refinery in the UK.

Lithium, which is one of the key materials required in manufacturing batteries that power electric vehicles, is extracted from brines or from rocks.


Together CAA, an African exploration firm, and Livista, a European lithium chemical refiner, will look at building downstream lithium processing in Ghana.

The Commission believes the country’s resources, both proven and prospective, are well placed to help meet global lithium demand and targets for carbon reduction. Initiatives like Livista will help Ghana realise its role and ambition to play an active role in the global lithium market.

Hugely positive

Martin Kwaku Ayisi, CEO Minerals Commission Ghana, said: “This is a hugely positive collaboration for all parties involved, one where true in-country value-add is achieved. By building out localised lithium refining capability Ghana will create its own industry and employment of the future and deliver new revenue sources for our GDP.”

Douglas Chikohora, CAA CEO and Founder said: “Following the successful grant of the Licences, CAA Mining looks forward to commencing the exploration for Lithium bearing pegmatites to supply Livista and prove the viability to establish some refining capability in Ghana.”

Daniel Bloor, CEO Livista Energy, said: “It is Livista’s ambition to develop a portion of their conversion facility in Takoradi, capable of taking spodumenes produced in Ghana to an intermediary Lithium Chemical. From here we can export to our European facility for further refining and then onto the global market. This is a truly tangible example of ESG.”

Image courtesy of Livista Energy

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