Moto installs more than 200 ultra-rapid chargers

Motorway services operator Moto has now installed more than 200 ultra-rapid charge points, following its most recent batch at its Reading Services.

The operator has put in place an additional twelve 350kW chargers, provided by Gridserve, at the services which means it now has 211 ultra-rapid charge points nationally.

The devices, which can deliver up to 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes, follows Moto Exeter becoming the largest MSA ultra-rapid charging hub in the UK. The site features 28 ultra-rapid units, 3 Gridserve rapid chargers and two Gridserve 22kW units – a total of 33.

Turning point

Moto chief executive Ken McMeikan said: “When we opened our first ultra-rapid EV Charging Hub at Moto Rugby, we knew it represented a major turning point in the feasibility of EV vehicle ownership – signalling the arrival of more accessible, more reliable and quicker on-the-go charging options.

“Now, just 18 months later, having over 200 such charge points across our network is a vast achievement.”

McMeikan said the “work doesn’t stop” and the firm plans to deliver more than 1,600 ultra-rapid chargers by 2030. The operator predicts that one in 25 cars will be an EV this year – rising to one in 10 by 2025 and one in three by the end of the decade. To meet demand, it will put in place 330 ultra-rapid chargers by the end of 2023, 720 by 2025 and 1,630 by 2030.


Toddington Harper, CEO of Gridserve, said: “We are proud of the Super Hubs delivered in our partnership with Moto and we are committed to growing our UK-wide network of chargers alongside the growth of electric vehicles so that drivers have confidence to make the switch to electric, both today and as the number of vehicles increases in future.”

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