EV Café partners with Churchill Insurance

The EV Café has partnered with Churchill Insurance, one of the UK’s leading insurers of electric vehicles, to promote electric vehicles and to accelerate the transition to cleaner transport.

The partnership, launched on the 19th January 2023, will leverage the market position occupied by Churchill Expert that specialises in arranging bespoke flexible mobility insurance solutions for businesses providing vehicle subscription, flexible lease, salary sacrifice and short-term hire propositions. Churchill Expert also arranges fleet insurance for electric vehicles, supporting businesses with their transition to electrification. Churchill is also the preferred UK insurer for Tesla.

Whilst the market for electric vehicles is growing at pace, businesses seeking answers to their questions will now be able to join the EV Café community who will help support answering questions and myth busting to support customers making the leap into the EV world.  

With weekly industry news broadcasts, monthly webinars, live events, podcasts and electric vehicle training the EV Café is always open for consumers and businesses to discuss, debate and educate themselves on all things EV in a fun and creative environment.

Customers will have access to a whole host of experts and influencers who will share their valuable insights into the EV such as the founder, Jonny Berry and expert contributors Sam Clarke, Paul Kirby, Sara Sloman and John Curtis.

Paul Kirby, Commercial Director at the EV Café, said: “We are thrilled to be working with the Direct Line Group and the Churchill brand. As motoring goes through the rapid transition to electric, we are delighted to be working with an industry giant to smooth out the bumps in the road and give the best experience to fleet managers and individual electric vehicle drivers.”

Steven Williams, Head of EV for Churchill, said: “Partnering with The EV Café is extremely exciting. Electric vehicles are an absolute priority for our organisation and we are delighted to help support our consumer and business customers make the huge transition to go electric. Together we will be busting myths about EVs and showing how easy it can be to switch from a traditional petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle.”

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