New EV charging hub opens in Wales

A new charging hub in Rhyl has received the backing of the Electric Vehicle Association for Wales – EVA Cymru.

Funded by the Welsh Government, the 36 vehicle capacity hub, is a mix of ‘fast’ 7kwh chargers for local users who have no access to off street parking and ‘rapid’ 50kw chargers for a quick charge top up and also to help local taxi drivers on the uptake of electric vehicles by minimising disruption to operational work time.

Denbighshire County Council has continued to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure with Cllr Barry Mellor, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, commenting:

“The Rhyl hub is designed first off to help those with no off street parking wanting to move to EV transport, to do so in the local area. It is also designed to support businesses in Rhyl by providing charging facilities for visiting EV drivers who can discover the town’s shops and establishments only a short walk away from the car park. Drivers travelling across North Wales can also locate the hub on the map, using it as a stop off point to charge their vehicles which will encourage more footfall in Rhyl. We also hope the facility will help local businesses such as taxi firms move to more electric powered vehicles knowing they have this facility to use.

“The hub has help us expand our charging infrastructure to match pace with the phase out of fossil fuel vehicles, reducing the county’s carbon footprint. Our EV charging service will grow even further with the addition of more public based car park chargers in the near future.”

The charging hub launched last month with the stations also helping support local businesses by carrying the Discover Rhyl QR code, powered by QR Boxx, in partnership with Rhyl Business Improvement District (BID).

EVA Cymru is Wales’ national representative body for EV owners across the country and aims to support the role of the non-fossil fuel powered vehicles in tackling climate change.

Paul Martin, of EVA Cymru, said: “The new electric vehicle charging hub in Rhyl is a fantastic resource for both local and visiting electric vehicle drivers and demonstrates Denbighshire County Council’s ongoing commitment to the decarbonisation of transport to help tackle climate change.

“This new hub will support the interests of current EV owners and also help those who are interested but lack charging facilities at home to move to EV transport. The council is really travelling streets ahead in terms of supporting EV transport and this hub along with other county facilities will give really confidence to EV drivers travelling in the area.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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