EVN expands services to fleet operators

The Electric Vehicle Network (EVN) has announced the expansion of its successful public charging “Infrastructure-as-a-service” model to fleet operators for the first time.

The company is responding to growing demand from its existing and new client base looking to speed up the transition from traditional fuels to electric vehicles (EVs).

EVN is offering a comprehensive solution, to design, build and fully finance the charging infrastructure at operators’ existing depots or new strategic B2B hub locations. Working with fleets to understand their geographic requirements and sourcing suitable locations for charging hubs for all EV vehicle types including energy management, battery, and solar solutions as required.

EVN also offers land sourcing and its infrastructure services for “sponsored hubs” where a multi-fleet organisations needs dedicated on-the-go locations to supply their customers. 

In addition to its £300 million infrastructure fund, the company has recently completed a further £100m raise for its property division to focus on Freehold opportunities across the UK.

Reza Shaybani, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of The EV Network, said: “This is a natural progression for EVN to support the fleet operators in their transition to EV. Our investment portfolio has been extremely successful in the public charging sector and is seeing a growing demand from fleets for support with infrastructure costs and growing congestion at public charging areas.

“Depot infrastructure service are key, but an increased number of large logistic and operational companies are seeking to deploy private hubs to ensure their vehicles have a dedicated ‘in-transit’ bases to charge at. On-the-go charging and dedicated private B2B hubs are a key part of keeping the fleets charged and in service.”

Sam Shaybani, EVN Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, added: “With the rising demand of public charging, the fleet operators equally have mounting pressure from all sides of their businesses to make this a success, depot charging on its own is not enough. 

”The difficulty many fleet operators are finding is the ‘double whammy’ of cost – not only a new fleet investment, but also large capital requirements for a completely new infrastructure. We can remove a lot of that up front expenditure requirement and smooth out the funding requests to support budgeting over a longer term”.

For more information on EVN’s fleet offering go to theevnetwork.com/for-fleets

Image courtesy of EVN.

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