EV chargers to face range of conditions as part of House of the Future project

Electric vehicle chargers supplied by Ohme will be tested in weather temperatures ranging between -20°C to +40°C as well as simulated rain, snow and solar radiation as part of a project entitled Energy House 2.0.

The University of Salford project will study the low carbon home of the future with two houses inside an environmental chamber where they can simulate all weathers and temperatures.

The only one of its kind in the world, the Energy House 2.0 is a unique and innovative £16-million research laboratory, supported by the European Regional Development Fund. The laboratory, the largest facility of its type, has an environmental chamber able to contain two detached houses in recreated and controlled weather conditions.

Fitted to the houses inside the chambers, Ohme EV smart chargers will weather a range of temperatures and different weather conditions. The conditions will help Ohme and other partners of the project such as Bellway, Saint-Gobain and Barratt to work together creating a blueprint for future houses to provide the low carbon homes of the future.

“At Ohme we’re very excited to be part of the Energy House 2.0 project and this view into the future of our housing,” said Ohme CEO, David Watson. “The built environment accounts for 25 per cent of the UK’s carbon footprint and together with Ohme’s chargers, this project will help to accelerate progress towards low carbon and net zero housing design.”

As well as helping to reduce the carbon footprint of new homes with the Energy House 2.0, Ohme chargers also offer drivers the option to charge their car when renewable energy generation on the National Grid is at its highest, further lowering a driver’s CO2 impact.

All of Ohme’s chargers can take advantage of Ohme’s smart charging technology to connect with the national grid in real time and automatically adjust their charging for drivers to take advantage of all the times of low price charging with smart off-peak tariffs.

Ohme is the official charger provider for both the Volkswagen Group in the UK and Motability Operations, the largest fleet operator in the UK. Furthermore, Ohme has just passed the rigorous industry standard certifications for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for monitoring quality processes and information security.

Images courtesy of Ohme.

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