Companies join forces to deliver smart charging offering and JPL have announced a new partnership aimed at providing as many people as possible with access to the best-in-class smart charging technology.

JPL EV Ltd has been formed to aim directly at the EV charging industry by creating a patent-pending charger under the brand Stevie that allows the unit to be mounted in two ways; either recessed into a property wall or surface mounted onto a wall.

Aligning with the latest legislation for new-build properties, the charge point is ideal for both the large-scale developer, commercial or residential, and small individual properties. 

The Stevie charge point is a stylish addition to any new future-proofed home and has been developed for new home builders, commercial properties, or any new extension requiring an EV charge point as part of the Building Regulations now in force within the UK. The patent-pending design ensures that the charge point only extends ~55mm from the wall of any home, allowing it to fit even in house builds that are scrimping of space. The charge point comes in a range of colours to complement the exterior of the homes and other innovative features that will delight new customers, including an optional high-quality screen and RFID quick start feature.

The partnership between JPL EV and ensures owners of the Stevie Charge Point will have access to’s ‘smart charging’ product feature, automatically optimising all EV’s charging schedule according to a number of different factors, including when energy is cheapest and/or greenest.

Through the app, Stevie consumers in North America, EU and the UK can keep track of cost, energy and carbon usage. Additionally,’s SOLAR optional offering will allow all customers with access to solar energy to charge their car directly from their solar array.

Aaron Sweet, Head of Chargers at, said: “Who doesn’t want access to cheaper, greener and faster electric vehicle charging? Our new partnership with JPL EV is yet another example of how hard we’re working to ensure as many people as possible have access to our best-in-class smart charging technology. The JPL EV Stevie charger is an elegant device that developers can install seamlessly into their new builds without having to compromise on looks. And with the Smart Charging Regulations, collaborations like this help ensure drivers have access to charging infrastructure that allows them to reduce their carbon output.”

James Clarke, CEO of the JPL Group added: “It’s great we’re able to offer homebuilders innovative, forward-thinking software that can be easily installed alongside a JPL EV Stevie Charge Point. We’re committed to always thinking ahead and being a brand that’s future-proof. Our partnership with allows us to demonstrate this commitment.”

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