Next EV Café show to focus on innovation

The next EV Café show will focus on innovation and look at how the electric vehicle industry is innovating to accelerate the transition to clean transport.

The EV Café is all about sharing experiences on zero emission mobility by connecting the sector with industry experts and leaders from around the globe. It is also a place for Evangelists to meet up and discuss everything EV!

On the next show – which takes place on Wednesday 18th January between 1200-1300 – Jonny Berry, Paul Kirby, Sam Clarke, Sara Sloman and John Curtis will be joined by guests including:

– Carl-Magnus Norden, the founder of Volta Trucks

– Alisdair Couper, Managing Director of Terberg DTS UK

– Steven Williams, Value Lead – EV & Open Banking, Direct Line Group

– Phil Barnes, Business Development Manager, Geotab

You can register for the webinar here:

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