Dr Euan McTurk joins Transport + Energy editorial board

Dr Euan McTurk, Consultant Battery Electrochemist, is the latest industry expert to join the Transport + Energy editorial advisory board.

Dr McTurk is a consultant battery electrochemist who has been working on – and driving – electric vehicles since 2009. During that time, he has worked on next-generation cell chemistries; instrumented commercial EV cells to find out how hard they can really be pushed, what causes them to fail and how to stop them failing; and built up a state-of-the-art battery test facility in Edinburgh.

Euan is also the creator of the YouTube channel Plug Life Television, which explains complex battery electrochemistry in a way that anyone can understand and busts several myths and misconceptions about EVs and decarbonisation. Following the success of Plug Life Television, Euan founded Plug Life Consulting, which assists academia, industry, business and government with technical, strategy and public outreach projects relating to battery electrochemistry, electric vehicles, energy storage systems and charging infrastructure.

Speaking about joining the Transport + Energy editorial board, Euan said: “I’m glad to have been offered a spot on Transport + Energy’s Editorial Board. As electric vehicles, renewables and energy storage become mainstream, we’re seeing a lot of genuinely valid questions from prospective customers, but also some speculation and misinformation that has been deliberately placed to sow FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Whether these relate to supply chains, ethics, carbon footprints, lifespan, recycling, performance or the realities of using these technologies, it’s important to crunch the numbers, bust the myths and give those genuine questions the clear and detailed answers they deserve. 

“As a battery electrochemist, I’ve been doing this on Plug Life Television for some time, and my position on the board of Transport + Energy shall allow me to give a pragmatic review of new technologies on the horizon, and set the record straight when the naysayers come knocking.”

Transport + Energy Editorial Director Alec Peachey said: “Having met Euan a few times I have been impressed by his level of knowledge about all things related to EVs, batteries and energy storage. He has a real knack of helping to simplify some of the most complicated and technical information that is out there – something which is vital to ensuring that businesses and consumers understand the benefits that come with decarbonising.

“I am looking forward to hearing Euan’s input as we build on the success of our first Transport + Energy Forum event and continue to provide business critical information to a variety of different stakeholders who are involved with accelerating the transition to net zero.”

You can find out more information about the background of our editorial board members here.

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