StoreDot’s super-quick-charge batteries tested in Israeli lab

Israeli battery maker StoreDot has revealed that its “game changing” technology has been put through its paces by a specialist laboratory in the country.

StoreDot said Shmuel De-Leon Energy confirmed the viability of the super-quick-charging batteries on a commercial scale.

Intensive tests at the facility covered energy density, charge rate, operating conditions and cycling, according to the manufacturer.

StoreDot chief financial officer Doron Myersdorf said: “In recent months we have successfully concluded live public charging demonstrations of StoreDot’s extreme-fast charging (XFC) batteries.

“However, handing over our technology for independent assessment by leading battery labs of Shmuel De-Leon Energy was essential for us for independent validation of our technologies.

“We are delighted to have passed yet another milestone on our strategic roadmap to deliver mass adoption of EVs with flying colours.

“It is particularly gratifying to have the commercialisation, validity and superior performance of StoreDot’s XFC and high energy technology verified by leading experts in the field.”

The technology continues to be trialled in the real world by automotive companies, Myersdorf added.

“Each goal reached and each test successfully passed further validates our confidence in our ability to deliver 100-miles-in-five-minutes battery technology by 2024 and 100-miles-in-three-minutes by 2028.”

StoreDot said it had already designed proprietary organic and inorganic compounds, optimised by artificial intelligence algorithms, to create an EV battery that can fully charge in under 10 minutes.

Image courtesy of StoreDot

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