Register highlights EV charge point IDs

A register of e-mobility IDs for Chargepoint Operators (CPO) and e-Mobility Service Providers (MSP) in the UK has been updated.

EV Roam serves as the UK’s ID Registration Organisation (IDRO) and operates in line with the EU’s IDACS 2019 agreement and ISO15118 agreed codes.

Mass adoption of electric vehicles requires a far-reaching, smart charging infrastructure. Underpinning this interoperable roaming ensures that drivers can locate and use charging stations throughout the UK and Europe, and that CPOs and MSPs receive the right payment settlements.

To help make this a reality, the EV Roam register lists CPOs’ and MSPs’ unique IDs for their charging stations and contracts. On 23rd March 2022, the UK Government set out its intention to mandate the use of OCPI across all public EV charging infrastructure.

EV Roam now has its own dedicated website accessible directly by CPOs and MSPs as well as other users (, where users can register an ID, search the register or find a rest API allowing companies to interrogate the ID register using their own programmes.

Jacob Roberts, Transport Policy Manager at REA, commented: “A network ID database is a small but critical component of an interoperable electric vehicle charging network. EV Roam allows chargepoint network operators to provide charging to EV users who are registered with other companies. This means EV users will then be able to use different chargepoint networks, without needing to carry multiple network cards or download multiple apps.

“The updates to EV Roam, its API and its website are bringing us closer than ever to realising the shared ambition of industry and Government – to offer widespread chargepoint network roaming in the UK.”

Martijn Verbeek, CEO at GreenFlux, added: “The EV Roam registry forms the technical backbone for achieving an interoperable charging network in the UK. We’ve registered to empower our CPO and EMSP customers with the capability to scale efficiently and reach a wider audience from our platform. When drivers consistently experience excellent charging services, EV adoption will accelerate.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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