Loyalty app for EV drivers launched in UK

A new mobile phone app that can help electric vehicle drivers reduce the cost of charging is launching in the UK.

By downloading the app and using it to send vital information on the charge point being used, EV drivers can earn valuable “kilometre” points that can reduce bills.

German company &Charge (pronounced AND CHARGE) have launched the mobile phone app following operational success in Europe where thousands of EV drivers are cutting charging costs.

The app allows drivers, for the first time,​ to report their charging experience in ‘real time’ directly to charge point operators (CPOs).

Seen as a boon towards improving the operational efficiency of thousands of charge points throughout Scotland, the &Charge app brings EV drivers and CPOs in direct contact for the first time.

While charging, EV drivers can report on their experience and upload photographs showing the condition of the charge point… all vital information that will help keep units online and available.

Simon Vogt, Co-Founder / Chief Sales Officer of &Charge explained: “By bringing Charge Point Operators and electric vehicle drivers closer together, we have created a unique facility that, in Europe has already proved highly successful. We are now in a position to introduce this new technology to the UK for the benefit of EV users and operators of the EV charging network across the country.

“For all Charge Point Operators , one of the most important factors is ensuring the fast and efficient operation and servicing of their units, thereby increasing the availability of chargers to the rapidly growing number of EV users throughout the UK.

“Smart user engagement with value-added services around EV charging is a new and exciting development for the UK. We have created the &Charge platform that increases CPO uptime availability, decreases operational expense and boosts customer satisfaction.

“Receiving real time information from those drivers using the stations is invaluable in providing instant notification of the need for maintenance services to reduce the downtime of chargers.”

EV drivers can also use bonus points (“kilometres”) in over 350 leading stores throughout the UK including AO, Marks & Spencers, Curries, Booking.com, JD, Zavvi, Hughes and Electrical Discount.

EVA Scotland has welcomed the arrival of the &Charge app. Director Neil Swanson said: “Innovations that bring EV drivers and operators of charge points across the country closer together will go a long way to improving the service for everyone.

“EV sales are soaring and real time information that drivers can provide to charge point operators can only assist in ensuring better availability and operational efficiency of the country’s charging infrastructure. This latest development is another initiative that will contribute to the transition to all electric transportation in Scotland.”

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