New platform will help enable fleet electrification

Evata has unveiled a new Electrification Management Platform which is designed to enable fleet electrification at pace.

According to the company, the platform delivers rapid accurate analysis of telematics data to answer the fundamental questions – which vehicles can be electrified, what and where charging infrastructure is required, and what are the optimal EVs to minimise Total Cost of Ownership.

The 360° solution provides the digital tools necessary to simplify fleet electrification, empowering decision makers to take an informed and holistic view of the transition. This marks a move away from months of data analysis with reliance on disparate sources of sparse, costly and complex information, and a move towards an integrated platform that promotes data-led electrification decisions.

CTO and Co-Founder Jaeson Blythe said: “We all know that the process of transitioning a fleet is complex and that each business will face challenges unique to them. Having spoken with industry, we quickly discovered there was a lack of digital tools to support the transition, highlighting the need for a product to streamline every stage of the journey. Our Electrification Management Platform clearly demonstrates greater efficiency than conventional practices, providing industry with the tools needed to drive the transition to electrification at pace.” 

Evata’s solution allows industry to accelerate their transition to EVs whilst providing key informatics at every stage of the journey – infrastructure, vehicle suitability, journeys and charging. Critical tasks such as surveying employees and simulating dwell times are simply managed by their single platform, providing a more accurate and consolidated view to support data-led fleet electrification. 

Whether you’re running a fleet, consulting for business, supplying vehicles, installing infrastructure or managing costs, the insight Evata can provide at the click of a button saves time and money – allowing the real benefits of electrification to be accelerated.

Commenting on the launch of the platform, industry expert Simon King stated: “The biggest challenges for fleets are what infrastructure to install where, which vehicles to prioritise switching and how to optimise total cost to operate.  Evata’s unique solution enables this analysis to be completed quickly and simply. This looks to be a real game-changer for fleet electrification.”

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Image courtesy of Evata.

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