Fully Charged Show: Electrifying boats

Candela has recently formed a strategic partnership with Polestar and should be delivering flying electric taxis and ferries in the near future. Fully Charged presenter Imogen Pierce visited Sweden to find out more about electrifying boats.

Electrifying boats is enormously important but not always as straightforward as electrifying cars as water creates much more drag than air.

To avoid using big batteries, companies need to explore alternative ways to make boats more efficient in order to maximise range. In Stockholm, Sweden that’s exactly what the team at Candela have been doing, borrowing some old hydrofoil technology and blending it with super sophisticated sensor systems to make its flagship C-8 electric speedboat that is not only hyper efficient and zero emissions, but also FLIES!

Having recently partnered with Geely’s Polestar, could Candela really take off? Imogen went to visit the team to find out!

Watch the video below to find out more:

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