UK ranked 11th in world for EV readiness

The UK is outside the top 10 countries for electric vehicle (EV) readiness, an in-depth study has revealed.

Personal finance comparison site Forbes Advisor listed the country 11th in the global league table of preparedness for the transition to non-fossil road transport.

Five metrics were analysed as part of the study, with the UK scoring highly on charge point volumes but poorly for road quality.

Switzerland was named the world’s most EV-ready country, followed by Austria and then Denmark.

Luxembourg, Iceland and Sweden all finished above the UK in the table, as did Norway, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Norway had the highest number of EV sales per capita last year, with one car purchased by every 50 people, according to the study. The Norwegian Government’s EV incentive scheme means drivers are exempt from purchase taxes, VAT and road traffic insurance tax.

The Netherlands has the most charge points per capita, with an estimated 4.6 stations per 1,000 people. China has the most charging stations in total, with an estimated 1.1 million spread across the vast country.

Forbes Advisor car insurance expert Kevin Pratt said: “Electric vehicles are hailed by many as a cornerstone of the green revolution, so it’s fascinating to see Europe leading the way in terms of adopting the technology and building the supporting infrastructure.

“But while the commitment to EVs is not in doubt, it is likely there will be bumps in the road in the coming years.

“The momentum behind EVs looks irresistible, but it is important to stay grounded and to be ready to address awkward questions attendant on such a massive societal change.”

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