Green 2 partners with Bimble Solar

Green 2 is working with Bimble Solar to help the company sustainably deliver solar panels to its customers.  
Green 2 Delivery is aiming to be the UK’s first zero-emissions, fully sustainable two-person delivery business, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to the fossil-fuel networks currently operated by others.
The company’s relationship with Bimble has now gone full circle with the East Sussex based business set to provide solar panels that will be used to provide clean energy at Green 2’s depots. 
Bimble Solar are suppliers of off grid solar and renewable energy systems to customers in the UK, Europe and around the world. 
Grant Atkins, Director at Bimble Solar, said: “One of our aims has always been to reduce our footprint and to reduce costs to customers. Our ethos is to always get solar out as cheap as possible. One of the things that we do to try and stand apart from others is to hand deliver panels rather than use traditional pallet systems. To get out onto the pallet network you’re asking people to drive a lorry to just deliver maybe one solar panel, which is crazy. 
“Green 2 provide a hand delivery service for us with reusable packaging. This means that we can almost be zero waste, apart from the waste that the panels arrive in. From talking to Green 2 it is great that they’re trying to get ahead of the game with an electric fleet and becoming 100% green as soon as possible. Ultimately, this is the way that everyone is going to have to go. The quicker it happens the faster you’re going to be at the top of the curve for when the restrictions come in (ban on sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030).”
Both companies have worked together over the last two years and during this time Bimble have been able to help Green 2 understand their own products and how big the market is going to become for green energy. 
Green 2 co-founder Lee Sibley said: “Our mission is to be at the forefront of the green distribution solution for e-commerce and retailers and help to reduce the environmental impact of the current home delivery sector.
“We’re delighted to be working with Bimble and playing a part in helping them to become more sustainable. At the same time, we’ve been able to gain an understanding of their business and will be using the company’s solar panels to help power our own facilities in a clean and environmentally friendly manner. Ultimately this will help us to save costs and fits our ethos of being a fully sustainable business.”  
Green 2’s network has been created specifically to cater for current electric delivery vehicles allowing for a full UK mainland next day operation.
Strategically placed depots mean a more ‘localised’ personal service along with dedicated charging stations incorporating solar and wind generation infrastructure.
Grant added: “Any business that runs during the day must consider solar because you can drop your footprint heavily. We’ll be continuing to talk to Green 2 about how we can help reduce power for their general operations and for their EV needs. 
“We are talking to them about warehousing distribution points and how to get them networked up so that renewables completely kill any bills that they have to pay.”
Lee remarked: “A big reason for doing this is to try and break the status quo. The transition to clean transport and energy is happening at real pace so partnerships such as the one we enjoy with Bimble are becoming more commonplace. 
“We take pride in being able to help them be more sustainable and in return they are helping us to become solar powered. We are putting collaboration into action and leading the green industrial revolution in transportation.”

Image courtesy of Green 2 Delivery.

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