Siemens and Mahle to work together on wireless EV charging

Technology giant Siemens is to work with car components maker Mahle on a wireless system for charging electric vehicles.

The pair – both of which have their headquarters in Germany – have signed a letter of intent to collaborate on inductive charging methodology.

A number of wireless power-transfer trials and initiatives have been carried out in the UK and abroad in recent years including in Buckinghamshire. But many charging systems still use cables.

Siemens and Mahle plan extensive interoperability assessments and cross-testing to make sure their wireless system can be used by as many vehicles as possible.

Siemens head of pre-development and innovation for charging infrastructure Stefan Perras said the switch from cables had to be made to support driverless cars.

“The transfer efficiency of wireless, inductive charging is comparable to plug-in systems,” he added.

“Siemens’ core expertise in smart buildings and smart grids makes us uniquely positioned to meet our customers’ needs with comprehensive solutions and to help them design, install and manage sustainable charging solutions for a better future.”

Mahle vice-president for global development in mechatronics and electronics Harald Straky said: “We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in Siemens in order to make major advances in inductive charging. The combined experience of both companies will give us a clear competitive advantage.”

Image courtesy of Siemens.

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