Gul-e EV charging solution trialled by home owners in Central Bedfordshire

An innovative charging solution which enables people without off-street parking to charge their cars at home without trailing wires across the pavement is being trialled by 20 electric vehicle owners as part of a pilot scheme in Central Bedfordshire.

A specially designed cable channel, called the Gul-e, has enabled 20 residents who need to park their electric vehicles on the street outside their homes to safely connect to their electricity supply. The channel in the pavement means the charging cable between their home and car will not cause a trip or slip hazard for pedestrians.

Councillor Steve Dixon, the council’s Executive Member for Sustainability and Transformation, said: “We have all witnessed the recent unbearable hot weather that is linked to climate change, and we need to do something about it if we are to help prevent extreme weather-related events in the future.

“One way we can help is to switch from CO2 emitting petrol and diesel vehicles to environment-friendly electric vehicles, but we know there are lots of homes in Central Bedfordshire with no off-street parking and this puts them off. To solve this problem, we are piloting a new initiative that enables the charging cables to fit snugly and safely inside the pavement to make it easy for people to charge their electric vehicles at home.

“This is one of the many schemes we are rolling out on the back of our Sustainability Plan, to encourage people to think and act sustainably, so we can protect our planet.”

The cable channel has been installed at locations in Aspley Guise, Biggleswade, Brogborough, Campton, Dunstable, Fairfield, Flitwick, Henlow, Leighton Buzzard and Pulloxhill.

The pilot scheme will run until January 2023. During this time, the local authority will gather feedback from participants on their experiences and has received plenty of positive feedback already.

Tristan, from Leighton Buzzard, said: “The Gul-e has been a big success so far. I have actually had many neighbours and passers-by making positive comments about it and asking where they can get one.”

James, from Aspley Guise, said: “It’s great to be able to keep the cable out of the way and not risk it as a trip hazard. When I wake up in the morning after an overnight charge, I no longer feel the urgency to unplug and move it out of people’s way as it’s safely tucked into the Gul-e.”

If the pilot scheme is successful, the council hope to offer this as an option for other residents.

The Gul-e EV charging solution was also trialled in Oxfordshire earlier this year.

Image courtesy of Central Bedfordshire Council.

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