Companies join forces to offer smart charging and software solutions, and waEV-charge, are working together to enable building managers and electric vehicle (EV) drivers to share smart-charging chargers across multiple tenants and get reimbursed for costs.

The companies have joined forces to offer fast, sharable smart charging hardware and software solutions for the construction industry designed for house builders, developers, landlords, and homeowners.

The collaboration means commercial property developers and homeowners will have access to fast, cost-effective, greener smart charging technology, while helping to open a network of rentable chargers across the UK, accelerating the transition to EV adoption.

waEV-charge’s customers will benefit from being able to recharge on any charger in their shared residential car park, as well as’s ‘smart charging’ product feature, which automatically optimises a car’s charging schedule according to when there is low energy demand on the grid, and when energy is cheapest and greenest. Through the app, consumers can keep track of every charging sessions energy and carbon usage, claim cash rewards from their charging, and even connect to their home solar power for a zero-carbon charge. The average EV driver can save £600 on their energy bills and shopping, just by connecting their EV and charging through technology.

waEV-charge products are designed with the future in mind, meaning all components can be easily upgraded with future EV technology and with minimal further investment.

The smart EV charger is eligible for £350 government grant funding, saving on purchase and installation costs.

Nick Wooley, CEO of, said: “Partnering with waEV-charge means that are expanding our offering outside of the traditional single driveway dwelling. With waEV-charge, we’ll be able to provide even more EV drivers access to smart charging functionality to recharge their EVs at multi-unit dwellings, alongside our accessing rapid charging, and traditional charging.”

Joe Fogel, CEO of waEV-charge, added: “’s technology takes our smart charger to the next level, offering our customers access to the cleanest and cheapest charge, which is sensitive to the demand on the national grid. Combine this with the grant available for the purchase and install of the waEV-charge, and our EV charger becomes an extremely attractive option for house builders, developers, landlords, and homeowners.”

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