Fuuse works with Payter to offer contactless EV charging payments

Charge point management system Fuuse have fully integrated with leading payment terminals Payter to enable ‘just tap’ contactless payments for electric vehicle (EV) charging sessions.

Drivers can now plug in their vehicles at any Fuuse powered chargers with a Payter terminal and begin their charging session with a simple tap of their bank card or mobile device: just like contactless checkouts. Sessions can be started, stopped, and paid for with a simple swipe, without the need to download or open an app.

Contactless payments can now be made through Fuuse for charging sessions on all public rapid DC chargers, further extending Fuuse’s public charging offering.  High utilisation AC chargers can also benefit from the efficiency of contactless payments, and terminals can be paired to any OCPP charger from any manufacturer, enabling the simplest payment method for all charging scenarios.

Dan Lucy-Lloyd, Chief Product Officer for Fuuse, said: “This is a real step forward for streamlining the charging of electric vehicles.  As any EV driver will know, the ability to plug in and go with a simple tap of a card is a welcome evolution of the charging experience. 

“The particular integration we’ve carried out with Payter is especially effective for businesses. We’ve ensured a complete integration which means not only can drivers start and pay for charging sessions via the contactless terminal, but all Payter payment data is completely visible and manageable from the Fuuse Billing platform, just as with other payment methods.”

Fuuse already facilitates paid EV charging through Fuuse Billing, with a choice of payment options including in app payments, anonymous web payments, subscriptions and now contactless payment. Handling all payments, regardless of payment method, Fuuse allows businesses to open their charging infrastructure to the public, giving full control over opening times, and managing multi-tariffs.

This latest integration extends the flexibility offered by the Fuuse platform, now allowing an additional option of contactless payments to initiate charging and take payment in one action. Fuuse customers and operators continue to get full visibility of all charging sessions and revenues, including any contactless payments made through their Payter terminals. 

Image courtesy of Fuuse.

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